How to effectively deliver your video content across multiple digital channels?

DMS video is a unified solution combining our 1. Video-on-demand, 2. Video sharing, 3. General interest channels. This allows us to distribute your videos to our entire DMS audience with a single line item buy. We offer a cost per view buying model, to maximize your return on investment.


We have combined our instream and outstream formats to ensure you achieve reach, while targeting different audience mindsets with relevant video edits to personalize the user experience. Our outstream formats run exclusively within dms premium content. The video only plays when the video is in-view.

Your in-stream or out-stream videos can be targeted by audience location, demographics or via DMS audience data
Our team of specialists will help optimize your content based on your business needs
Provide audience profiles and affinity insights; plus sequential messaging and targeting to help you connect with and convert more consumers



Toyota launches the Land Cruiser 300 with precision marketing powered by Zero Party Data to increase personal relevance at scale

Objective: To generate greater awareness and consideration for the launch of the new Toyota Land Cruiser in the UAE, across...

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The Pepsi® AR-activated “Cans of the World” celebrates the partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai

To celebrate the momentous partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai, Pepsi launched its limited-edition AR activated ‘Cans of the World’ series...

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Mawdoo3 Group hosts Alpha Plus’ #LoveYourSkin native campaign

THE BACKGROUND As a proud Saudi skincare brand, Alpha Plus’ mission is to help Saudi women fall in love with...

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