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DMS commands the largest pool of real-time audience data in the Middle East, reaching 75% of the MENA audience (up to 85% reach in KSA) and employs a team of data analysts who leverage a sophisticated tech stack to ingestm classify and activate audience data with an aim of unlocking its power for our clients' benefit. Our premium network of local publisher enables rich traits to be appended to over 110 million profiles across the GCC.  This allows buyers to reach and address all of DMS's visitors via high-quality 1st party data. DMS's taxonomy (compliant with the IAB's latest revision) along with its ability to create custom audiences in real-time (through its tech stack and "Edge" computing), ensure that we are always 100% compliant with privacy laws.


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Full fledge Research

Research At Our Core
Research sits at the core of what we do at DMS. It empowers our content, creative and distribution strategies and serves as the backbone for every offering we do. It goes from understanding category dynamics to helping brands position or reposition themselves, into identifying the profile of consumers who dropped off a certain brand and how we can re-acquire them. what digital channels they consume, what digital format is more appealing, and many more in order to formulate the right communication strategy.
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why use research
Understand the consumer complex buying journey and what impacts their decision
Find out the media touch points marketers should focus on to convert consumers
Know what brand attributes they need to use in their creatives that can make an impact, and what type of content should be created
Want to accurately measure your campaign’s effectiveness?
At DMS, continually assessing the effectiveness of our inventory is at the core of our DNA. We offer a host of industry leading IAB compliant measurement solutions in partnership with globally accredited measurement partners.
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Ability to measure Cross-Media integrated campaigns
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why use our measurement solutions
Accurately assess and validate the impact of advertising on DMS platforms
Access to world-class touchpoint attribution techniques for your digital campaigns
Higher media ROIs with the test and learn approach



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