Welcome to the world of gaming, where the lines between reality and virtual reality blur, and the possibilities for brand integration are endless.


With the rise of gaming, brands are recognizing the potential for reaching younger audiences in a more engaging way.


This case study showcases the success of Mentos' "YesToFresh" campaign. Let’s discover it together:


The Story :

Are you ready to discover how Mentos leveled up their brand engagement game?! The campaign aimed to connect with young audiences in the UAE and KSA region and what better way to do so than through gaming – the most engaging form of entertainment in the region.


The Solution:

To ensure maximum impact, Mentos partnered with DIVISION to create a five-week campaign that centered on real-life engagement. Seventeen gamers, hand-picked for their relevance and authenticity, showcased the Mentos brand through live streaming on Twitch.

But that's not all – the campaign culminated in the ultimate challenge: the "YesToFresh" Challenge.

Two teams faced off against each other in the popular game Valorent. The winners of each match got to challenge the losing team to eat something with a bad taste, like bananas with ketchup or biting into an onion! The objective? To drive further consideration for the freshness aspect of the Mentos brand.


The Results:

Absolutely game-changing! Over the course of the five-week campaign:

  • The 17 talents streamed 137 times
  • Generating a whopping 484 hours of content
  • The 484 hours of content was watched for a collective 389,538 hours
  • That’s equivalent to 44 years! reaching over 5 million unique viewers
  • During that time, the brand was seen for over 5 minutes per viewer, which generated over 52,000 brand mentions during the live streams!


“Communicating with Gen Z audiences faces a twin challenge i.e. they are a tough group to reach via traditional touch points and secondly to attract their attention we knew our content efforts will have to well-integrated and genuine in their approach. This is where Wavemaker helped us with integrating the Mentos chewing gum within live streams on Twitch, creating a bespoke challenge amongst gamers & driving traffic to E-com.  Initial analysis basis number of brand mentions during the streams hints at a positive outcome” said Ahmer Kamdar, Gum category Marketing Manager at Mentos.


Vikrant Shetty, Head of Content & Social at Wavemaker

“We are constantly looking for innovative ways to integrate our brands as part of the content where consumers are more switched on and receptive. Rise of E-sports in the region & increase in gamers popularity meant that they have a loyal following that we could leverage to communicate to our Gen Z’s. To add to this, we created impact by creating a fun challenge amongst gamers to highlight the freshness aspect of Mentos Gum”


"When we were briefed on the campaign by the agency, we knew that a basic approach to the brief wouldn’t suffice and we had to not only ensure we had the right talent making the message their own, but also developing a concept that integrates the brand into the actual game play. This is what we do best at DIVISION. We are truly thrilled with the results which beat all expectations," said Nabil Moutran, Founder & CEO of DIVISION.

So, if you want to make sure your brand is fresh in the minds of your audience, take a page out of Mentos' book and incorporate gaming into your media mix.

With the right strategy and execution, you'll be on your way to a high score in engagement!

By partnering with DIVISION, Mentos was able to bring their brand to life through real-life engagement, resulting in impressive engagement metrics.