The Goals

Unilever’s leading household cleaner brand, Jif, wanted to drive awareness and increase the propensity to buy among young Arabs in the GCC. As cleaning products tend to be a relatively low-interest category for most young people, we needed a fresh way to engage new users and make Jif the brand they think of when it comes to the most challenging cleaning tasks. 

The Approach 

We ensured that our solution is empowered by Arab consumer and cultural insights, as well as locally relevant situations from Arabs’ everyday lives, in order to address the audience through a content series they can resonate with. For this, we conducted a survey to gain a better understanding of our target audience, and we learned that for young Arabs:

1 - Family comes first and the most important thing for them is a happy family environment.

2 - Culture is extremely important.

3 - Humorous and entertaining content rank at the top of their preferences.

With listicles, quizzes and videos coming out on top, our publisher’s editorial and video production teams (comprising mainly young Arabs themselves) dug deeper to pinpoint which ‘typical Arab home’ moments would resonate most with users. Next, they began developing the content, ensuring the right balance of substance, humor, and brand integration.

For example, listicles included “9 things Arabs steal from their parents’ home before moving out,” and “Arabs are obsessed with lemons, here's the proof.” We also created quizzes (“Are you an Arab clean freak? This quiz will tell you”), and videos (“5 signs you are a clean freak” and “Cleaning room challenge”). 

The Results

  • 34% increase in ad recall & brand awareness
  • User engagement 1.2 million views on editorial pieces and videos  
  • Over 120,000+ social media interactions