To celebrate the momentous partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai, Pepsi launched its limited-edition AR activated ‘Cans of the World’ series in October 2021.

Each can represent 9 different unique experiences and amplified country-relevant themed content, aiming to give consumers an immersive experience, under the tagline: Pop, Fizz, and Explore the World!

By scanning the Pepsi cans consumers got the chance to virtually explore different countries and had the chance to win free Expo 2020 Dubai tickets with a scan of the can.

Although originally set to run solely on Pepsi’s specified regular segments, DMS built and added on zero-party audiences to enrich the strategy for the campaign, resulting in higher engagement, higher recall, and higher affinity from the zero-party audiences.


  • Generate awareness and engagement for Expo 2020 Dubai (scan QR code on the can for a chance to win an Expo 2020 Dubai ticket).
  • Create a seamless link to Pepsi’s presence at Expo 2020 Dubai.
  • Measure difference in Ad recall and purchase intent between two pools of audiences: Pepsi’s regular audience and zero-party audience.


  • DMS created Zero Party Audiences for Dubai Expo2020 and proposed Pepsi to add those into their campaign targeting.
  • The Expo2020 zero-party audiences were created using survey based research. Two questions were designed to capture awareness, consideration, and intention about the event. The responses from the survey were collected in the DMP and scaled through Look-A-Like models with high accuracy rate.
  • The campaign which ran from Oct’21 to Nov’21 was set up with 2 lines, each with a different pool of audience, with the same frequency cap, set of creatives, markets, and domains applied.
  • The DMS Data team ran BLS to measure the difference in Ad recall and purchase intent between both type of audiences.


The CG Data team measured the performance of the campaign using reach and view through rate (VTR) as KPIs.


  • The zero-party audience performed better, receiving a higher engagement in terms of clicks and view through rate.
  • Impact on media metrics:
    +125% CTR and +37.4% VTR for the zero-party audience.
  • The campaign had a positive uplift on both sets of audiences, with the zero-party audience showing higher recall and higher affinity towards the event.
  • Impact on upper funnel metric:
    +30% Ad recall for the zero-party audience vs +8% for the regular audience.
  • Impact on mid-lower funnel metrics:
    +25% increase in favorability for the zero-party audience vs no uplift for the regular audience.
    +20% in consideration for the zero-party audience vs +16% for the regular audience.

The campaign’s results exceeded expectations. The audience segmented through the zero-party data collection was a great fit for the campaign and highly relevant to Pepsi’s targets and goals. Due to this success, Pepsi and DMS have reinforced their partnership around their data strategies.

  • Mustafa Shamseldin
    Mustafa Shamseldin
    Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer - Africa, Middle East and South Asia at PepsiCo

    “Being part of Expo 2020 Dubai gave us the opportunity to showcase our latest innovations and sustainability initiatives, in line with our pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) strategy, to a global audience. Throughout the six-month event, we worked closely with our agency partners to drive awareness of our role as the Official Beverage and Snack Partner at Expo 2020 Dubai. Pepsi Cans of the World not only allowed us to celebrate our momentous partnership, but also integrated experiences within our products and packaging – driving brand purpose by creating unique, immersive, and memorable moments. The specially designed AR-enabled Pepsi cans showcased diverse and multi-cultural countries and gave consumers the chance to see the world in a whole new way.” 

    Shamseldin added, “The campaign was an incredible way to connect with consumers, while having a positive uplift on audiences across all stages of the buyer journey, and the results have exceeded expectations. The audience segmented through zero-party data collection was a great fit for the campaign and highly relevant to PepsiCo’s targets and goals. We have seen significant outcomes of the campaign and are excited to work together with DMS on future campaigns around data strategies.”

  • Mathieu Yarak
    Mathieu Yarak
    Group Senior Director Data & Insights - MENA at Choueiri Group

    At DMS, innovation in data solutions is at the forefront of what we offer to our partners. 0-party data uses state-of-the-art technologies (Qualtrics on the survey and Permutive on the DMP side) has helped us to move towards precision marketing at scale.

    For PepsiCo, we created hyper-relevant audiences for Expo2020 using this innovative solution. These audiences drove significant attachment and relevance for PepsiCo which translated into exceptional outcomes on the media and brand funnel levels. We look forward to further data exploration and innovation with PepsiCo.

  • Ramy Kassis
    Ramy Kassis
    Sales Director FMCG- Choueiri Group

    DMS and PepsiCo have been partners for a long time. By leveraging the scope and accuracy of first party data, provided by our local and international publishers, we have continuously succeeded at targeting premium audiences at scale.

    For Expo2020, we wanted to push our targeting precision a step further by using our 0-party data solution to understand the level of intent of the population to visit the exhibition. The audience segmented through the 0-party data collection turned out to be a great fit, overachieving on KPIs across full funnel. As a result, the campaign was a resounding success, reflecting innovation, partnership, and client satisfaction, which have always served at the core of what we at DMS offer to brands.