As a proud Saudi skincare brand, Alpha Plus’ mission is to help Saudi women fall in love with their flaws, whatever their skin conditions may be (hyperpigmentation, discoloration, or ageing spots).

In doing so, the brand continues to pave a way forward for self-enhancement, by enabling Saudi women with solutions like the Alpha Plus Skin Brightening Range, which can help boost their confidence and self-esteem.


The team at DMS understood the objective and were confident about the benefits of partnering the brand with Mawdoo3. With the Group’s scale and content diversity, its platforms offered the brand the ability to target contextual content consumption on both the macro and micro levels. A series of content pieces were thereafter distributed across the Group’s “Beauty and Care” pillar to ensure contextual relevance and resonance with the user mindset, as well as incremental reach across different publishers under the Group.

With the theme of #LoveYourSkin, the brand wanted to create a robust native content strategy, aimed at building awareness and consideration around the Alpha Plus Skin Brightening Range amongst Saudi women.

The strategic native campaign was based on insights gathered while zooming in on the skincare category across Mawdoo3 Group, to better understand the target audience and the type of content they were seeking.


The following findings set the foundation for the native strategy:


  • Over the six months preceding the campaign, significant growth was noticed in the skincare category; 5.9 million users had asked questions related to skincare in KSA, generating 12 million pageviews. In addition, we found a 39% increase in new users for that category.


  • Digging deeper and looking specifically at skin brightening topics across Mawdoo3 Group, we found a 222% increase in users looking for topics related to face masks, a 141% increase in content consumption around the brightening of sensitive areas, and 383% growth in overall queries relating to skin brightening.


Building on the content insights uncovered during the planning stage, the editorial team created three pieces of content, each from a different angle. These were selected based on what women in KSA were searching for on Mawdoo3 Group. The articles were also amplified across Mawdoo3’s Facebook and Instagram pages.



  • The articles achieved over 13,000 page views in KSA, exceeding the planned KPIs by 118%
  • The average time spent on the article pages was 8 min 58 sec (79% higher than the 5-minute industry benchmark), indicating high user engagement with the content
  • The social media engagement totaled 800+ interactions on Facebook and Instagram, reaching over 50,000 unique users



Not only did the campaign’s results exceed expectations, but they also came in accordance with the insights found in the planning stage.

This proves, yet again, that when equipped with relevant user behavior data and insights, our publishers are capable of creating magnetic content that delivers unprecedented results.

  • Joelle Chidiac - Senior product manager Avalon Pharma
    Joelle Chidiac - Senior product manager Avalon Pharma

    Consumers are the essence of our business. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to understand our target audience – their needs, their interests, and their concerns – so we can best cater to them. Our partnership with Mawdoo3 Group allowed us to reach Saudi women with the type of content that they want. The results speak volumes, and we’re very pleased with the outcomes.  

  • Christelle AbouAnny - Senior Product Manager, Native Advertising DMS
    Christelle AbouAnny - Senior Product Manager, Native Advertising DMS

    The research conducted prior to the campaign allowed us to better understand our audience and what they were looking for. This helped us create high-quality content that resonates with them and answers their queries. Combining solid insights with the right contextual targeting capabilities, we were able to reach our audience across Mawdoo3 Group with tailor-made content and achieve high levels of attention and engagement that enhanced our users’ connection to the brand and product range.