Challenges and Objectives:

A year into the launch of 5G technology in KSA, ZAIN found itself competing in a market grappling with the early stages of development and adoption. This presented a new challenge of uncovering the dynamics to learn more about users’ intent and sentiments towards 5G technology, while establishing the brand at the forefront of the 5G offering in the KSA market.

Partnering with Zain, DMS was entrusted with generating quality leads for Zain’s 5G home and 5G mobile, driving users to acquire 5G subscriptions (modem and mobile). The task at hand also warranted a thorough exploration of the relevant audiences (Males and females 21+, business, finance, news and politics readers, as well as technology enthusiasts) and their behavior, along with measuring the impact of the users’ perceptions towards the brand and their services.

Solution and Approach:

Leveraging the holistic spectrum of products and services ranging from research, audiences and measurement, through to data driven A/B testing, DMS’ DMP which is primed to deliver performance, learnings and actionable insights, real time optimization was applied towards a 3-stage program (Pre-Campaign – Campaign Setup – Brand Measurement and Insights). Multiple creatives and formats were also deployed across DMS market leading portfolio. ​

Campaign Execution:

Market Research: Studies were conducted to understand the market dynamics of the 5G landscape in KSA and learn more about the intention and sentiments about the brand and the product. This information was used to set the foundation for the 0-party brand metrics and inform on what where the audiences to start the media activation, while all the above was utilized to generate insights during pre and post campaign activation for real time optimization and learnings. During the campaign, multiples variables and personas were identified as being key to campaign performance.

Audience Discovery: DMS’ leveraged its DemandGen solution for performance across 40+ publishers through Display ads plus proprietary high impact ads (Native Ads, Spread and Social Display). Permutive DMP, a new generation of data management platforms that allows for real time learnings and insights - thanks to Edge computing technology which does not rely on cookies and privacy compliant - was also deployed.

Before campaign commencement, we executed 2 strategies to learn more about user preferences and passion points (brand favorability).

Utilizing the diverse range of DMS’ properties, the DMS DMP identified the overlap within the surveyed audiences. The DMP was then used to profile users who successfully converted, with the profile subsequently being leveraged to reach similar audiences through look-alike modeling at high accuracy rate.

Use of 0-Party Audiences: This innovation was developed by DMS to enable customizable targeting. It sought to identify audience segments through the survey process, identifying users who displayed the willingness to acquire the 5G product. ​ In the pre-activation phase, it served as one of the foundations for the media activation strategy.

To better understand the audience, 2 groups (Intender and Non-Intenders) were created based on the people that were aware of what is a 5G. To understand their passion points and familiarity with the product. The questions focused on their willingness to acquire 5G connections.  

Intenders: Higher value user who are already aware of 5g and planning to acquire the service:

Not intenders: Carried misconceptions and lack of awareness but had an appetite for faster and more reliable connections at home. Opportunity for education message to increase awareness

The passion points for non-indenters were clearly differentiated from those of the intenders segment. Non-intenders were into news and local events, online shopping, movies and series, cooking, parenting, online shopping beauty and personal care and then sports.

Over 10% of the respondents stated that they do not know how 5g technology works and over 50% stated that they had limited info about 5G.

This led to the conclusion that a viable approach would be connecting 5G with their hobbies and things they like to do / or would be interested in doing.

Use of Retargeting:

This was done to drive consumers a step closer to conversion from their current stage. Example: using linear marketing funnel to move users from awareness to consideration and subsequently to conversion through optimizations.

Brand Measurement:

Providing comprehensive reports on brand metrics, we were able to define the impact of the brand on user’s perception, and to measure Brand Awareness and Consideration. Using the standard methodology on Control/Exposed groups, the effectiveness of each different message was measured across different placements and AD formats. The Frozen Creative (IMG 1) was found to have a great impact on Brand Awareness and engagement, especially across Native Formats and Social Display delivery. The UL creative (IMG2) had way more impact on conversion rates, especially across Display and Spread Creatives at lower CPL.

Results Post – Campaign:


By the end of the campaign, we managed to deliver:

  • The highest quality leads across all vendors reported by the client.
  • Real time reporting and optimization which decreased CPL by 72%
  • Improved CTR% rates WoW of 20%
  • In depth insights on audiences based on Conversions and Engagement.
  • 58% increase in Product Awareness
  • 28% increase in Brand Consideration
  • Victor Mendes Pereira – Senior Performance and Product Manager
    Victor Mendes Pereira – Senior Performance and Product Manager
    “The key to the campaign’s success was in the synch between the planning and implementation different products for each stage. Also, the ability to extract relevant insights on each front and translate it into insights and optimizations to reach the highest engagement metrics and KPI. We also succeeded to maintain constant feedback between products for new insights and learnings, which made all the difference”.