Within the “luxury” environment, fragrances stand out as the most accessible form, yet present the greatest challenge to advertisers. How do we transport consumers on an olfactory journey? Retaining consumer attention in today’s cluttered environment is also becoming an increasingly uphill task, so how can perfume brands standout from their competition and maintain top-of-mind awareness, while communicating to their audiences in a contextually relevant environment?

While context is the key to safeguarding engagement, brands can now take things a step further by leveraging publisher’s First Party Data to ensure effective and efficient engagement by better understanding audiences.

First Party Data is becoming more valuable for brands, offering them a better understanding of their audience, while fostering 3 key elements: scalability, engagement and storytelling.

Take PUIG for example, who were the first in their category to venture beyond just running a display campaign. They were looking to get closer to their audience and become relevant in a brand safe environment. This is where DMS came in, creating a year-long strategy aimed at leveraging our Publishers’ First Party Data, in order to deep dive into the audiences’ interests and affinities.

The DMS x PUIG collaboration began by running an audience discovery campaign across our broad “beauty mavens” segment. Utilizing our “Audience” tool, we were able to bucket users who engaged with Ads in a dedicated PUIG Segment.

By bucketing users, we gained a better understanding of who they were, what they liked and what content they consumed the most. This helped optimize future PUIG campaigns by:

(1) retargeting engagers
(2) building look-a-like models to expand reach to previously untapped audiences.

Within the PUIG segment we were able to go as granular as creating sub-segments by brand, based on the audience data which we were able to extract.
Overall Results
* x2 higher engagement across the fragrance and perfume segment (Benchmark 0.3%)
* Saudi had the highest engagement rate
* 100% increase in UU across the PUIG segment

PUIG Audience Interests

Beyond beauty the PUIG audience is mostly interested in luxury, style and healthy living for female; sports and gaming for males. These top affinities helped build look alike models scaling the segment and increasing the number of UU by 100% campaign on campaign.

What better way to connect with your audience then to speak their language? Throughout this partnership we were able to create a synergy, which closed-out the loop between scalability, engagement and storytelling. Ultimately we were able to help PUIG connect with audiences more efficiently by optimizing better, minimizing impression wastage and creating meaningful stories which their audience can relate to.

PUIG didn’t stop here; we are currently working on an audience-based content collaboration between the brand and Anghami that utilizes these findings.
Stay tuned….