The Challenge 
Clemenceau  Medical  Center  had  just  launched  in  Dubai  during unprecedented  times.  Our challenge was  to  raise  awareness  about  the  hospital ’s safe  and compassionate  environment  during  these tough times  and  convince people  to  visit  this  new  hospital  with  advanced  medical  equipment  and technologies.

The Approach

To promote Clemenceau Medical Center as a safe haven, we partnered with Al Bayan, Emarat Al Youm, Mawdoo3, and Nawa3em, to create a series of articles that raise awareness and consideration about the new hospital.
Our content approach was based on three key pillars:
  1. Educating users about the importance of premium healthcare with a safe environment
  2. Underlining the advantages of state-of-the- art technologies in medicine
  3. Shedding light on the features that set CMC apart

The Results
  • 151% Increase in Expected KPIs
  • 5 Native Articles on Al Bayan, Emarat Al Youm,
  • Mawdoo3, and Nawa3em
  • 23,000+ Page Views in the UAE
  • 4m 44s Average Time Spent On Article Page
  • 2,800+ Interactions on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter