The Challenge

Hyperpigmentation  affects  the  lives  of  many  women  around  the  world,  and  it  has been  very hard to find  a  scientific  solution  for  it.  This  is  where  Eucerin  EvenPigment  Perfector  came  in,  with  its patented  Thiamidol  that  revolutionized  the treatment  of  hyperpigmentation.Our  challenge  was  to educate  women  about  the  efficacy  of  this  product  range, especially  with  so  many  ineffective products  already  available  in  the  market.

The Approach

To build consideration about Eucerin Even Pigment Perfector, we partnered with Mawdoo3 and Jamalouki to create a series of articles to educate women about Thiamidol and its importance in reducing pigment spots and preventing their re-appearance.

Our content approach was based on two key pillars:

  1. The causes of hyperpigmentation and daily habits and solutions that help prevent it
  2. The importance of following a proper skincare regimen that includes Thiamidol to achieve radiant skin

The Results

  • 272% Increase in Expected KPIs
  • 4 Native Articles on Mawdoo3 and Jamalouki 34,709 Page Views in the GCC & Levant
  • 2m 10s Average Time Spent On Article Page
  • 1,637+ Interactions on Facebook and Instagram