The Challenge
Washing  your  hands  with  soap  and  water  is  an  essential  way  to  prevent  thespread  of  germs during  a  pandemic.  However,  harsh  antibacterial  chemicals  can cause  dryness  and  other  skin problems.This  is  a  primary  concern  for  mothers  who  strive  to  keep  their  families  safe  and germ  free.  Introducing  them  to  the  unique  protective  and  gentle  properties  of JOHNSON’ S®  Anti- Bacterial  range  was  key  to  drive  consideration.
The Approach

To build awareness and consideration of the new JOHNSON’S® Anti-Bacterial range, we partnered with Mawdoo3, Jamalouki, and Supermama to create a series of articles that help mothers ensure their families are protected against germs

Our content approach was based on three key pillars:
  1. The importance of prevention through regular handwashing
  2. Practical tips on how to stay safe even when on the go
  3. Skin problems caused by excessive handwashing and how to avoid them
The Results
  • 125% Increase in Expected KPIs
  • 5 Native Articles on Mawdoo3, Jamalouki, and Supermama
  • 23,200+ Page Views in KSA, UAE, and Kuwait
  • 4m 05s Average Time Spent On Article Page
  • 1,600+ Interactions on Facebook and Instagram