How Puck leveraged the power of DMS’ native solution and its premium publishers to own the breakfast space and increase their share of voice within the market.

Every mom seeks to provide a wholesome meal for her children, more so one that is nutritious and delicious.

Puck, a brand known and favored in the region for its distinctive cream cheese variants, identified the daily challenge moms face in providing their kids with a nutritious and wholesome breakfast, which is also easy for them to prepare in the morning rush.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Arab mothers found themselves juggling more responsibilities and taking on more roles within their households (homeschooling, and keeping kids entertained). With less time on their hands, moms actively sought out fun and easy recipes which the whole family could enjoy.

The solution was for Puck to own the breakfast space and provide readers with quick, and healthy recipes, which resulted in greater relevance and made the campaign resonate with their target audience.

Puck partnered with Mawdoo3 (The Largest Arabic online encyclopedia) and Nawa3em (An online platform dedicated to the Arab woman’s passion and interests) to help mothers overcome their daily challenges and provide a helping hand.

DMS created a series of tailored native articles that focused on innovative breakfast recipes utilizing Puck, along with practical tips for mothers on how to prepare quick and easy breakfast recipes without losing their personal touch.

Puck understood the benefits of using a brand-safe publisher-led approach, which gave them a trusted editorial voice, content diversity and the ability to target contextually, which resulted in greater relevancy and made the campaign resonate with their target audience.

The Results-Per Publisher


  • 6 articles generated 60,278 page views (agreed KPIs 30,000 PV)
  • 7’35” Average time spent on the article pages (Mawdoo3 benchmark 5’)
  • 2,323 social interactions on Mawdoo3’s Facebook and Instagram


  • 6 articles achieved 18,827 page views (agreed KPIs 9,275 PV)
  • 2’03” average time spent on the article pages (Nawa3em benchmark 1’)
  • 3,363 social media interactions on Nawa3em’s Facebook and Instagram

Overall results across both publishers

  • 12 tailored native articles
  • 80,000 Page Views in the GCC
  • 4’49” Average Time Spent
  • 5,600+ Social Media Interactions on Facebook & Instagram

So, as a take-away, partnering with the right platform improves results. Readers interact and show interest with content that answers their needs and resonates with them.