The Goal

During May 2020, like most Arabs across the region were largely confined to their homes and unable to gather with their friends and families to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Pepsi wanted to find a way to connect with them through a campaign that offered support and understanding to all those celebrating the Holy Month under these unique circumstances, that stayed true to Pepsi's core brand values of passion and resilience.

The Approach

Partnering with Anghami to leverage the power of music and content creation, upcoming, influential, and independent musicians were the faces of the campaign that launched a signature song under the theme of “LOVE OF RAMADAN”. By delivering motivational messages within the lyrics, the song would convert its musical content into trending topics which Arab audiences would relate to and engage with during Ramadan. Each part of the bespoke track was carefully considered including:

The melody: An upbeat and unique fusion mix of the most preferred musical genres which Gen Z and Millennials listen to in KSA was crafted: “Egyptian with Pop Music Treatment and a Glimpse of Rap”.

It's lyrics: Uplifting words, encouraging audiences with messages centered around coming together and celebrating Ramadan with their loved ones through relatable circumstances (with subtle brand integration)

The supporting video clip: Depicting how influential artists are celebrating Ramadan with passion and emotions from their home (with strategic product placements)

While the song was generating a lot of buzz on the Anghami app, to further amplify the activity Pepsi hosted “Pepsi Suhour Nights” on the brand’s Instagram channel, which was attended by music and lifestyle influencers from Saudi as well as Tareq. Compelling audio ads worked to redirect users from the Anghami App to the brands’ Instagram Channel, to also encourage participation and in turn strengthen their emotional connection with the brand through their engagement.

The results of the campaign (May 12th to May 24th)

  • The song remained on the Top-10 charts on Anghami throughout the entire campaign period
  • It was the Top streamed song in KSA on the App from May 17 - 21, as well as the Top Arabic song in KSA from May 13 -19
  • The song received 1,200 likes from users, who saved it to their music library for lifetime streaming
  • The song was shared 420 times (51% on WhatsApp and 20% on Instagram)
  • 82% of the song’s listeners were between 18-35 years of age

Other Notable Mentions:

  • 1.2m Users reached on Anghami in two weeks
  • 220k+ Song streams on Anghami in two weeks
  • 96k+ Unique users interacted with branded content
  • 10k+ Clicks redirected users from Anghami to the Pepsi Instagram Channel