DMS Sponsors CampaignME's latest Audio Webinar

2020 was a stunning reminder of the true power of audio. As the pandemic hit, audio - in all its forms - became a constant companion and a global connector.

Audio’s share of consumption is rising fast, and despite the massive opportunities for brands to grow alongside this surge, advertising spend is yet to follow. 

 The WARC’s “The investment gap” report states that spend on audio would need to increase at least three times to match audience behaviors. this has also been substantiated by IAB GCC’s 2020 MENA digital ad spend report which outlines ad spend per capita on a local level.

 With this backdrop in mind, Campaign Middle East’s Audio Webinar brought together an expert panel: Schatzi Gheita (Senior Marketing Manager, PepsiCo), Claire Fletcher (Head of Engagement, OMD MENA) and Ray Samman (Integration Director at  Publicis Groupe – One Team Stellantis) to talk about how marketers can leverage the power of audio as a medium, and what the future holds for audio advertising.

5 key takeouts and learnings:

  1. Audio is one of the most primitive storytelling and sensory formats. It is extremely intimate and communal and is amongst the first things we get exposed to as humans - in our mother’s womb - it’s all around us. it amplifies our moments and regulates our emotions.
  2. Today’s Marketers are the generation writing the audio advertising guidebook. Audio is extremely flexible and cost-efficient allowing marketers to play along, experiment and learn. Audio is a unique format that can activate brands in an equally unique way.
  3. From a creative standpoint, brands should translate their brand’s visual identity to an audio one. Understand what their brand sounds like, what makes them memorable - and their audience’s sonic DNA to create sounds that resonate best with them.
  4. Brands should adapt their communication strategy to fit the mindset of the users on the platform they’re advertising on. Understand their audience’s listening behavior & DNA and associate their brand with the sounds that matter. Listeners want authentic stories and love brands that sound authentic.
  5. The future of audio sounds great, and will entail a lot of the following:
    1. Sonic strategies
    2. Branded content
    3. Effective audio measurement