Industry Forum: Campaign Middle East

Has digital marketing struck the right balance between performance and awareness?


In today’s climate, brands have developed an obsession with performance marketing, leaving branding in the back seat and disregarding the ramifications of prioritising one strategy over another. According to McKinsey, we have entered into “an era of performance-everything”. At DMS we know that while some partners have become masters of one, very few excel at employing both approaches simultaneously. Let’s look at the impact of video, a format designed to maximise awareness about products or services. Would it serve its purpose better in a premium, brand-safe and contextually relevant video-on-demand environment, or when made skippable on a user-generated content platform (social or mobile)? While  85 per cent of marketers believe that accurate marketing ROI measurement involves a short-term and long-term focus, only  52 per cent of advertisers believe they’ve achieved this balance. Brand marketing and performance marketing are becoming increasingly interdependent in a world where personalisation and relationships with consumers are of paramount importance.

''However, one has to admit that awareness helps to grease the wheels, providing much-needed initial traction to power future performance campaigns.