Get to know - Ziad Azzam

Ziad Azzam

Country Director, Kuwait
Years in role: 9 years
Years in company: 9 years
Size of Department: 9

With over 16 years of media experience split between the media agency side and sales, Ziad’s career spans intensive involvements with some of the most distinguished brands in the business. He currently spearheads DMS’ operations in Kuwait, where he focuses on leading the sales team, developing innovation strategies, planning, and running operations, and delivering DMS’ comprehensive suite of digital advertising solutions to empower his clients with tangible and measurable results. Ziad’s industry tenure has given him valuable know-how and insight into the market’s overall transition from traditional to digital media. Determined to keep his clients ahead of the game, Ziad keeps his eyes firmly affixed on the horizon, always seeking the next big trend in the digital advertising and media world. Ziad is also leading the DMS partnership agreement with SNAPCHAT across markets.

Get to know Ziad:

What is the biggest challenge within the industry now?
Clients nowadays, especially in Kuwait, are mostly seeking ways to generate sales regardless of when and where their ads appear. Building a solid brand image and creating demand for using their products is no longer the main objective for many.

There are hundreds of ways to reach your customers and engage with them. Some are demeaning and might boost sales in the short run; but could end up harming the brand and its image in the long run. The power of storytelling and the importance of positioning brands on premium content is no longer appreciated. Marketers will not realize the fallout from such strategies until they start losing market share.

What led you to this career?
I had the opportunity to intern at Mindshare Beirut, where I realized that work can be enjoyable. I was impressed by the world of advertising, which blends technicalities and hard work with an exciting and fun atmosphere.

What behaviour or personality trait do you most attribute your success to, and why?
To be successful in this domain, one must possess a combination of skills. These include the ability to work under pressure, to adapt to rapid change and technology, and to embrace a team spirit. However, the most important trait is being passionate about serving customers by understanding their needs and engaging with them to help grow their businesses and eventually build trust, loyalty and long-lasting partnerships.

What is the next big trend within the media industry?
AR shopping experiences which enable customers to virtually try any product whether clothes, accessories or even furniture from their homes. Augmented reality layers digital information on top of real-life images.