Get to know Islam Gamal

Islam Gamal

Sales Director, Egypt
Years in role: 4 years
Years in company: 12 years
Size of Department: 6

With 11+ years of professional experience in TV and digital media advertising, Islam has served as a key pillar in the establishment and ongoing growth of DMS across Egypt. Today, as Sales Director / Head of DMS – Egypt, he spearheads a robust team who help brands to deliver superior experiences via DMS’ powerful platforms and products. Islam is committed to strengthening DMS’ relationship with local publishers, agencies and clients, and looks forward to DMS becoming the preferred partner for upcoming media brands, seeking to optimize their monetization opportunities across the Egyptian and MENA advertising markets.

Get to know Islam:

What is the biggest challenge within the industry now?
Content has always been king, and the most valuable element for every marketing strategy, especially within the inherently content-focused Egyptian market. Over the past few years, content alone could not help marketeers succeed, and this is where the main challenge lies for the industry today....placing “content into context”.
While good content still matters, context matters even more. Content marketing continues to be an essential component of digital marketing, although there's an increasing emphasis on nuances in content. Quality is always going to matter, but today, there is more emphasis on the context and targeting. Marketers must therefore think very carefully about their target audience and how they can more precisely customize their content.

What motivates you?
The continuous journey of learning. The digital industry is constantly changing every day and that is a unique opportunity to keep on moving forward with learnings, knowledge, and best practices.

What advice would you give your teenage self? 
Time is precious, spend it wisely.

What is the next big trend within the media industry?
Artificial Intelligence and voice search engine optimization. (VSEO)