Get to know - Sally Makarem

Sally Makarem

Managing Director - UAE
Years in role: Just appointed
Years in company: 10
Size of Department: 25

Sally brings over 13 years of digital marketing and sales experience to her Managing Director-UAE role at DMS. She looks after sales operation in the UAE and heads-up regional publisher relationships. Over the years, Sally has acquired the trust and confidence of brands by consulting on content, context, audiences, and brand safety. As screens multiply and platforms evolve, her remit remains focused on creating holistic and inclusive brand experiences, which captivate people, rather than intrude on their digital lives, while identifying trends and developing solutions which empower brands across different industries.

Get to know Sally:
What motivates you?
Having purpose motivates me. One of my favourite things about the digital industry is the constant 
change, you are always learning and there is always a need to be agile with this industry. With that, you can always set new goals to achieve and once I achieve these goals; that’s where I get my kick.

What led you to this career?
I stumbled on this career by mistake. I graduated in 2008 with a finance degree, and passionately wanted to work with a big financial institution. Dubai had different plans for me though. The crisis hit and I had to pivot my choice of career. It’s been 13 years in digital and I have loved being part of the evolution of this industry.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?
Choose to prioritize what matters more.

What is the next big trend within the media industry?
Voice User Interface and VR experiences