DMS is your MENA partner in Programmatic Advertising
As the region’s largest premium marketplace, we bring together leading Arabic and carefully selected international titles, spanning key content verticals and topics.  This is combined with market leading technology, data (1st, 2nd & 3rd party), insights, expertise and creative options to provide you with a full programmatic solution.
how it comes together

A Client /Brand is able to deliver campaigns either directly (if they have in-house capabilities) or in most cases via their agency.

ATD – Agency Trading Desk: A team or department responsible for an agency/agencies programmatic buying. This department will be using one or many DSP’s, while also undertaking various planning, optimizing and reporting functions.

Exchange – Virtual Marketplace where the sale (or offer of sale) of an impression takes place.

DSP – Demand Side Platform: Technology platform that enables a buyer to access programmatic inventory then setup, manage and optimize their programmatically delivered campaigns.

SSP – Sell Side platform: Toolkit for the publisher/media owner to define, package, avail and control their inventory. Pricing, protection, optimization and reporting can all be managed from within this platform.

DMP – Data Management Platform: a technology platform that allows the collection, organization, activation and analyzing of various data points at scale.

Ad decisioning is handled by the publisher’s Ad server hierarchy and creative delivered tot eh end user.  This entire process happens in the blink of an eye
why use dms programmatic
Secure in-demand or scarce inventory & impactful creative options through Programmatic Guaranteed or Preferred Deals
Our team is knowledgeable and responsive to your queries, with a consultative approach and long term outlook to growing mutually beneficial partnerships
Place your brand’s messaging in a content rich & safe environment, verified by leading 3rd party partners



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